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Tim Bousquet

Casey made the remarkable claim that closing the schools is in the best interests of the kids.

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michael gorman

What a time for there to be no provincial newspaper. #nspoli

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Marieke Walsh

AG says Bridgetown and Tatmagouche schools were prioritized lower on the ranking thank JL Isley but JL Ilsley was skipped #NSpoli #halifax

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Mr. Thibault

@SarahRitchieCTV @CTVAtlantic was this a question posed or does this list exist somewhere publicly?

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Style Guide

A safe haven is a haven; past experience is experience; empirical research is research; a free gift, a gift; a whole raft, a raft.

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J.L. Ilsley High School
Room# 203
(902) 479-4612 ext. 570-1203